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Author Don Abdul talks to the Romance Arsonist in this cozy little interview

Have you ever met a person and knew right away that you would be friends? Well that's how I felt the moment I met author Don Abdul. He has such a relaxed vibe,and humble nature, you can't help but want to pull up a cyber chair and chat a while. We've been promising to do a fun project together whenever we can clear up all of our individual projects LOL. To date, that hasn't happened so, in the mean time, I thought I would at least feature him on my blog. If you've never heard of Don Abdul here's your chance to discover one of the few male erotic fiction writers in the business. If you are a fan, I hope you learn something new about him in this interview.

  • So Don, let me first thank you for being a guest on my blog. Let start with some of the basis. For readers who may not be familiar with with, tell us about yourself: Who are you and why did you start writing? Thank you very much for having me Gynger. I am Don Abdul, an easy going 43 year old man of many interesting parts.  I was born and raised in a small conservative town in Nigeria; my kinfolk would probably want to lynch me for writing such daring erotic fiction as I now do (Laughs). I enjoy being a single dad to two young boys. My books have also been published under the pen name Tyrese Jordan.

  • In addition to having published several books, and having a very active blog, I'm sure you are no stranger to reader comments and reviews. How do you react to a bad review of one of your books?  In my opinion Book Reviews are good, they are a barometer for gauging the readers reaction to a book. When they are good, they boost your confidence as a writer and show you’re on the right track. When they are bad, you can learn a few things about what improvements you need to make. In conclusion, I believe constructive criticism is fuel for growth in creative circles. As a writer I try to learn from them and move on to use them to improve my craft
  • Erotica can be extremely racy and I know your work can get really hot. As a male writing erotic fiction, I've often wondered do you have a lot of male fans or are they mostly female?My stories appeal to both male and female readers, although I have to admit that my female readers outnumber the male ones by quite a significant margin.
  •  The publishing industry can be very rewarding as you well know. There is that feeling of accomplishment and the awesome fans, but behind the curtain it can be a very challenging career. What are some of the challenges you've faced as a writer? Like many writers before me, rejection. This was tough as I was an unknown writer who lived in Africa. With wider consultations, and networking with other writers and published authors, I eventually discovered there was an ongoing revolution called electronic publishing. The popularity of ebooks was spreading like wildfire and I was talked through the process by a friend and mentor. My first ebook was published in 2010.
  •  I always tell people that I was a fan of reading well before I started writing. I have certain authors and genera's I love to read in my spare time( not that I have much LOL). Who are some of your favorite authors? I like to read books by James Patterson, John Grisham, and Tom Clancy
  •   We all have busy professional lives so tell me, what does Don Abdul enjoy doing when he's not writing? When the weather is right I like to go to the beach where I find that perfect spot and get very cozy with a good book, in between enjoying the other pleasures of the cool sea breeze and other sights and sounds.I also enjoy good movies and great music.
  •  I always ask this question because I like to know what drives a writer. Where do you get your inspiration from?  I am inspired by the wishes, aspirations and secret fantasies that form the interesting back stories in the lives of my characters, regardless of their public persona.
  •  Creating stories, submitting them and having them published can be a laborious undertaking. At the end of the day what motivates you to write? The same reason I started writing in the first place, my life doesn't feel complete without books and writing. I have a basic instinct to write, and writing helps put the world around me in proper perspective. It provides an escape from the tedium of life.
  • As a writer, I know we all have our  "babies;" those stories that are our favorites. Which of your stories is your favorite and why?

That would be Checkmate. It is my favorite because i enjoyed every moment of writing it. More importantly though, I love it because it speaks to the serious issues most people would normally gloss over for the sake of political correctness. It exposes the unspoken racial tension in the social dynamics of a supposedly racially liberal workplace and the delicate balance which has to be maintained in order to keep the peace.
It is a story that peels away the public persona of the characters and exposes their wishes, aspirations and the secret fantasies that form the interesting back stories which readers enjoy so much.

Say What?? LOL. Since Don wanted to give us the Ph.D version, I asked him to include a blurb. LOL 

Handsome black employee, Stanford Jordan, is seduced by Peggy, the daughter of the firm's white conservative Senior Executive, Constance Munroe. When their raunchy encounter is caught on tape, Peggy’s devious stepmother turns to blackmail. With no choice, Stan submits to her brutal domination. Humiliated, he enlists the help of ‘Fix,’ a childhood friend, in exacting the perfect revenge. Will the ruthless Domme concede when she suddenly finds herself at the mercy of the man she had so wickedly abused? Will Peggy discover their secret? Will Stan have to declare Checkmate and loose it all? 

Now that's more like it! Want to check out this hot and sexy story for yourself, click on the links below.

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  • Okay, here's my very last question so I'll make it fun(wink). all the ladies out there want to know one thing... Are you single or in a relationship?It’s complicated. LOL
Somehow I knew it would be!!! LOL. Okay, folks. I'm going to let Don get back to crafting more hot erotic fiction for the masses but be before he goes, Don has a special treat he'd like to share. Right now, he has a free read posted for you on Smashword. Yes, I said FREE!!! See how he likes to take care of his readers. :)

A Heroe’s Due

I want to thank Don for taking time out of his busy day to be a guest on my blog and thank you for taking the time to read it. If you'd like to see what's going on in Don's world or keep up with him, choose the social media link(s) of your choice. He's all over the place. LOL! 

Have an awesome day!!!

~Gynger Fyer~ The Romance Arsonist