Thursday, August 14, 2014

You want me to do WHAT??? Relationship building adventures for you and your mate

Relationship building has been on my mind lately. Not the kind where you network to build business partnerships, but the things we do with our mates to ensure our intimate relationships aren't just all about waking up, going to work, coming home, paying bills, and going to sleep. I know for the most part that's how life is. It's a serious of ordinary events punctuated by milestones like job promotions, babies, funerals, vacations, graduations and dinners with friends, but what about the things you do with your spouse or mate that builds YOUR relationship. 
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A lot of couples follow this pattern: meet, get to know each other, fall in love, blah, blah,blah and they lived Ordinarily Ever After! Shouldn't there be more too it than that? I'm willing to submit to you that there is. Long after the kids have grown up and moved out, you still have to live with the person you've been sharing space with, only there won't be anything left to distract you from the person you decided to spend the rest of your days with. Will you be looking across the table at a stranger or will you look across the table and see your road dog? Yes, I said, your road dog! that person who you can still joke with and have adventures with. The person who knows where your skeletons are hidden because they helped you bury the bodies. LOL
Well, if you like the idea of being able to look across the table with love at your mate instead of with a hatchet, the time to start is now. As with anything, consistency is the key. Just like you make goals for your life and career, you need to make relationship goals. These goals can be to work on an area where your relationship is weak, such as trust or communication or, it can just be to incorporate something which might liven things up. I freely admit, I'm no relationship guru but I have been blessed with an active and creative mind and enjoy building couples up. So, below are some suggestions on things you and your mate can try to add spice to your relationship but also to get you to go deeper into who you two really are. ***WARNING*** you might discover things about your mate you never knew before. To me that's a good thing, but, at the end of the day I say keep your mind open,DON'T OVER THINK!

1. Ban the use of all forms of social media or communication devices for a day and just do something together. Ex. Veg out and have a movie marathon. Are you into James Bond? Start from the beginning and have a day of bond. What about the God Father? or Jaws? Whatever floats your boat. Get some popcorn, or snacks and kick back up. 

2. Are you and your mate couch potato's? These apps can get you both off of the couch and out into the fresh air for a bit of fun bonding time. They can also help you discover history and hidden treasures in your city or town and the best part about it is that most of them are FREE!

Black Girl White Boy Love
Field Tripper
Stray Boots 
Oh, Ranger! Park Finder

3. Take a walk on the wild side! go to a strip club with your mate. No, it doesn't mean you're gay if you're turned on by a beautiful woman! it means you're human. Give one of the ladies some dollaz and give your guy a lap dance. Hell, have one yourself. Ladies, I think you'll come away from this little adventure with some great insights.
1. Not every stripper has a flawless body. Many of them have stretch marks just like you do but they don't give a F$@K and neither do the men in the club who are showering them with money.
2. You don't have to be a size 8 to shake dance. You just have to be limber and have endurance. 
3. These ladies do work out. Dancing requires the use of large muscle groups so make a note to practice droppin it like it's hot every now and then if you'd like to get a good work out in.
4. Point of fact, a lot of strip clubs have buffets and some are pretty decent. IJS. Don't believe me check out the article: Empty Wallets, Full Stomachs: 10 Strip Club Buffets 

So grab a seat and Bon Appetite!!

REMEMBER, I told you to keep an open mind. Think of it this way, you can go in with a sexy outfit on and just wear a mask if you feel too shy. I promise you, the people inside won't care. At the very least you guys will have something to talk about and relive.
Plus size fashion  Likes | plus size fashion  I would totally wear this ! Bbw big beautiful women / ladies / curvy / yummy / yumms! Fashion styles BANG!!
I'm going to let you all marinate on those ides for a bit before I bring out part two of my Relationship Building Exercises. Stay tuned to my blog and feel free to leave a comment and let me know if any of these ideas work for you.