Thursday, August 22, 2013

Interracial dating and marriage with a PLUS SIZE twist

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As a beautiful,  thick and curvy black woman whoes been a participant in interracial dating, I've been asked one question by a lot of my friends who are contemplating giving dating a twirl in the swirl world. 

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My reply is...HELL YEAH!!!
Here is the thing that is often overlooked about white men. They are MEN! They don't come from other planets. They like hips and thighs just as much as the next man. Yes, I know, most often you see pictures of interracial couples featuring slender or super fit black women and white man. You don't often see plus size black women and white men. However, don't give up hope. I've searched high and low to come up with evidence that this pairing is not  as uncommon as  you might think.
Check out my Pinterest page to see these and many, many more beautiful swirling couples:

So, I bet your saying: now that I know they like thick chicks, how can I meet these guys?? Ever tried online dating? (WAIT!! HEAR ME OUT )  Yes, I know online dating has it's drawbacks, however, it's like shopping at  Marshalls, Ross or T.J. Max, if you sift through the really cheap crap, you can make some really nice finds. If you're interested in meeting men who are attracted to plus sized women, try looking up dating sites just for plus size women and the men who can't get enough of them. I have personally been on a few BBW dating sites and although I didn't find my Mr. Right. I did meet a few nice guys who are now good friends of mine. At the time I was fairly new to interracial dating so I was amazed at the number of white men who contacted me. I was further surprised a few times when I was rejected by guys for not being big enough!!. Apparently there are men who want super sized big beautiful women(SSBBW). Now I am not one to judge, however, I have to question a guy who wants his woman to be nearly bed ridden by her weight. There are men called "Feeders", all they want to do is feed their women so that they stay overweight. I have a problem with that. It's just an unhealthy behavior.
So my suggestion, if you are a plus sized lady looking to date interracially, try online dating to get your feet wet, but use common sense.
If the idea of dating someone online seems overwhelming, try locating a interracial Meetup group in your area. If you can't find one, try starting your own, you might be surprised at how many people are  just waiting for that type of group in your area. 
If you build it, they will come!
Another great way to meet people is on Facebook. There are a lot of interracial group on Facebook. Now some have more quality people than others, however, I say different strokes for different folks. If you're interested in something long term, look for a group with that type of environment. If you want a weekend fling there are groups for that too. Make sure you conduct yourself responsibly, and keep your guard up and your eyes open until you feel comfortable with the guy. 
DISCLAIMER***I love technology. however, places such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and online dating sites often embolden perverts, haters and racist.  All of those sites have "block" features. Use them!! 

If you like a more face to face approach, try getting out and volunteering. You will meet like minded individuals while providing help to people who need it. Find something you're passionate about and go support it with your time and efforts. You might be surprised at who you might find.

Also, Google is great for finding things which are hidden. There are BBW clubs, and events all over the place such as I found this site just by Googleing "BBW Events"
Cheryl and Husband

I close this blog out with this last bit of insight. In my search, I have found copious amounts of evidence that not only do white men date plus size black women, they also fall in love and marry them too!! So what are you waiting for! You could be married by now. LOL 

Seriously, happy hunting ladies and good luck finding your mate!

~Gynger Fyer-The Romance Arsonist!