Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Does size matter...

This past week I've been inundated with conversations about sizes and proportions of everything from the ideal length of books to the ideal length of a penis. That's why I have decided to dedicate this blog post to giving my opinion on the question, does size matter?

People from all over the world read my blog and I hope I will get opinions from those readers as well. I want to know if size obsession is just an American thing.We seem to have decided, somewhere down the line, that in order for something to be considered valuable or pleasurable, it has to be BIG!

For example, we love our big cars and trucks, we have to have our big "McMansion" style homes, even if only two people live in them. We envy that big diamond engagement ring our friends hand..Yes, we want the things in our lives to be super sized.

Why do we do it? Well, I happened to believe somewhere along the way we started to equate bigger with being better.

My favorite size comparison deals with male penis sizes. We think big cocks are impressive, and we make jokes when we think a mans cock is too small. We are obsessed with length and width. It's pervasive throughout American culture. It's not just women, men think about it and joke about it as well. It's also racial, here "they" say black men have bigger ones then whites and Asian men are the smallest.  There are
scientist who have gone out and done polls about them. "They" have data to support their theories and, you know something,  I have not doubt there is a grain of truth in all of it, but it is by no means true for the collective.
Yet, we love to use this random scientific data as if it were the authority on he matter. Even though we have no idea where the information came from, or why the study was done or even how big the study was. We use the word 'They" to lend credibility to our arguments and it's understood that by invoking "They", you are getting the information nearly from it's original source.
When my girlfriends and I get together and the subject of men come up, there's always an off handed comment about size using "They" LOL,  "They say  black men...(insert grossly over generalized stereotype here)" or 'They say white men ...(insert grossly over generalized stereotype here)"

The truth of the matter is this, and every woman knows it. There is only ONE type of orgasm and that's the one you actually have! Yes, you can get to it by various means but the end result is still the same. I will personally admit that  I had my first vaginal orgasm with a guy who was only two-three inches!!!  When I saw it, I was very disappointed, I was younger and believed what "They" said about size.  I was in love with the guy so I wasn't going to embarrass him by mentioning it. Yes, inside, I had my WTF moment, It's only natural. He lifted weights and his body was hot, six pack abs, heavily muscled arms, amazingly ripped shoulders and back all that hotness surrounded a tiny penis LOL. Even erect, it didn't grow much longer. It seemed hopeless but, I hung in there and he not only banished all of what "They" said.  He made a true believer out of me. Whoever said it not the size of the wave but the motion in the ocean was right in my case. My socks and my blinders were knocked clean off.

 Sure, female and male porn stars take big cocks in all areas of their bodies as if it's nothing, and us mere mortals try to do the same, sometimes with painful, unsatisfying results. We forget one thing; they are porn stars! they get paid to make that look inviting and pleasurable. The average woman could not comfortably take ten to twelve inches, and if she can, more power to her, I am no less of a woman because I can't and I'm not going to brag about how I like ten inches and can handle a big man when I know good and well I'd rather have a pap smear at the hands of Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson before even thinking about it. (And you know he has some big hands)!

So, what do I believe? I believe, bigger isn't always better. Sometimes it's better to drive a Mini Cooper than a Hummer.

Sometimes it's makes more sense to live in a smaller flawlessly decorated home than a half empty McMansion.

A simple wedding band with a heart felt inscription can mean more than a five caret, platinum wedding ring.

I believe we miss out on some real treasures when we judge things by their size. I believe there is a lid for every pot. We are all trying to find our lid. My advice: don't judge a lid by it's size, your pot might not be as big as you thought it was.