Saturday, September 29, 2012

Is it me or is it more expensive to travel now. I am really enjoying my trip to Virginia to see my nephew and to attend the "A day with Yvette Hines" event, however, It seems as if my travel has been a la cart nearly every where I've gone!

  • Bag check at airport-$25
  • Parking at the Mall just so I could run in to the M.A.C. store- $1.00
  • Check in at hotel-4:00pm and not a moment before( yet I am paying for the entire day!)
  • WiFi at the hotel- charged per min-Thank God for my Droid doing a mobile hotspot. I was able to get out of this one. Now they do have free WiFi in the lobby, but I had to do edits this morning, I didn't want to be in my lingerie in the LOBBY.
  • Breakfast- $9.99 for all you can eat, which wouldn't be much since I am not a breakfast person.
I'm sure you get the picture. When did we things become so nickle and dime, yes, I know we are in a tight economy and our perceptions of what's reasonable has to be aligned with that, but some of this stuff  seems a bit underhanded, it's like the travel industry has gotten together and found a way to add some fine print to all of the "Deals" we think we are getting. I purchased my flight from Hotwire but after adding on the $50, round trip bag check fee, I can't see how I really saved a whole lot of money.

Thank God I am blessed to have a job and can afford these unexpected extras. I am the type of person who believes in economic empowerment. If I don't like how a business operates, I don't use them again. I can tell you now, my list is growing by leaps and bounds! LOL

Okay, so I've got that off my chest, I am going to get dressed to go down to the event and have my $10 breakfast( I will be going to the grocery store later, TRUST IN THAT), and I am going to enjoy my day so I hope you enjoy yours.

~Gynger~ the Romance Arsonist

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Welcome to my maiden voyage into the Bloggisphere( is that a word?) At any rate. Thank you for coming to my blog. Just know that you are liable to here any and everything on this page so 18+ please.

Right now I am in the process of having my first interracial romance novel published through Beautiful Trouble Publishing.(doing the happy dance). The entire process has been scary, exciting and really eye opening. From edits to piracy writing is a BUSINESS. I am really seeing how a product gets to market. The process reminds me of the inside of a clock, so many cogs and wheels all working together to make time measurable. The publishing industry is fascinating and vast. At the end of the day, I believe in my product and I hope you will too.

Setting Fyer to Romance everywhere,

Gynger Fyer
The Romance Arsonist