Thursday, March 7, 2013

How Much Would You Pay To PLAY ???

How much should pleasure cost? $10, $30, $75, $125... That's the question I had when I saw the ad below.

I honestly didn't think too much about the price. I have a  toy, as most American women do, and I didn't pay over $40 bucks for it. I love my toy, it gives me what I want, quick pleasure with that boneless after effect that usually puts me right to sleep. Next to diamonds, it's a single woman's best friend. 

As you can imagine, being voted the "best new sex toy of 2013" by Cosmo magazine yet looking like a warped bowling ball pin had me curious. So I hit the "buy now" link fully prepared to test it out; that's when I had to do some serious self refection. This odd looking, yet attractively colored toy costs a whopping $125!!!!  Now, that might seem insignificant for some of you but, as for me and my house, that was a bit steep. It made me wonder, how much should pleasure cost? How much was I willing to pay?  

Over the years I have purchased many such toys.My first one was cheap and tiny. I remember I was in college and was trying to be discreet. I had to drive past the adult novelty shop named Starship every Monday,Wednesday, and Friday after my classes let out. I wondered what went on behind those tinted windows. Would it be seedy? Would  it smell like sex? Would people look at me if I went inside? I finally got pissed at being such a coward, after all I was 19!!! a grown woman LOL! So, one day when I was feeling particularly feisty  I decided I was going in. I pulled into the tiny parking lot with determination. I hoped out of my Toyota Corolla,  marched up to that tinted glass door with a bravado I didn't feel yet must have exhibited because, after quickly entering the store, I only received a perfunctory "Welcome to Starship" from the guy behind the counter, who went back to his comic book and left me in relative peace.

 I was surprised at how well lit the store was and NEAT.  I quickly went to the wall of toys and stayed there for a good twenty minutes looking at vibrators. There were bullets, rabbits and pearls. Some were soft and flexible, others were hard and ridged. There were toys that resembled penis' and other were just long, thick and shaped liked cigars. They came in various textures, colors and speeds. The choices were endless. After much deliberation, I chose a tiny palm sized one for about $10(hey, I was in college and on a budget) and that started my years of toy filled pleasure. 

I've come a long way from that $10 special. My last one cost me about $40, which I thought was way too much, but since buying it, I have felt that it was worth every penny. It's nearly silent no matter what speed I use. It also has a push button so, no moving dials which I like. So, when I saw the one above, I had to ask myself, could I bite the bullet and fork over $125 for  "THE BEST NEW SEX TOY OF 2013." My answer...HELL NO!! I realized the ad said best NEW sex toy not the BEST SEX TOY LOL. There is a difference. The goal is the same, to have an orgasm that will rock your world. Some toys are quicker at that then others, but once you come, really, hasn't the mission been accomplished? 

Maybe I'm wrong, tell me, what do you think??

** As I was finishing this blog, I stumble upon what might be "THE BEST SEX TOY EVER INVENTED" !!! and guess what? It's only $65!!! 

Hmmmm... SOLD!!! And now I know how much I would pay for pleasure :)

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  1. I totally agree with ya...there would be no way in hell I would go and pay 125 bucks for one toy even if it was voted the best. Nope....not gonna do it!

    And I looked at that JimmyJane site....Jesus Maryann and Ginger,lol....they can't be serious about those prices....all you are paying for is the NAME and the LOOK.

    And yeah I know ALL bout the Starship place for sure ;) LOL