Sunday, February 10, 2013


Go Big or Stay home!!! It's nearly show time! you have to put your romantic game face on! As you may have guessed, I like elaborate things schemes, but, I know that's not for everyone so ladies, here is a fun and  romantic game to play with your mate.
Okay ladies, it's time you start ransoming your goodies to your man! Yes! I said RANSOM!!! (Yes, I know I'm over the top but this is not about me!! LOL) 

                       HOW TO RANSOM A KITTY:

Rule# 1. You need a ransom note.  Get creative! The Letter Playground offer great templates and ideas or just write it by hand. No need for a specific list of demands just yet. That will come in the next communication, however, the ransom  should be DRAMATIC!!  After all, it's not everyday that you take you own Vajay-jay hostage. :-D

EX: I've got your sweet little pussy. If you want to get it back by Valentines day, you will give me what I ask for. I will contact you via (enter method of communication) with more instructions. I would say text because nobody pays a ransom until they have "proof of life". You will be sending pictures or mementos of the hostage :) Make sure he can get your pics along with your demands.

Rule# 2. Now that you have his attention, show him you mean business! Lets start with our first demand! 
The things you ask for are specific to you and your partner. Everyone is different. You know what you want, what your mate can afford, and what he will or won't  be able to do. Below I have listed some items for your consideration. Remember you will need  him to give you at least three of your demands before you give him the hostage on Valentines day. 
  • Have him fix you lunch or cook dinner
  • Foot rub or massage
  • Have him to wash your hair
  • Cuddle 
  • Mani-Pedi
  • Movie date
  • Go out walking with you or whatever activity you have been wanting him to do with you but he never seems to have the time
Now that you know what you want, he needs to know that the hostage is alive and well. Get a pair of  sexy panties. Wear the panties around for and hour or so, just to get your scent on them. If that's too earthy for you, spray a thong or G string with your perfume or the fragrance you wear. Slip the panties along with your first ransom note to you partner. I say get a safety pin and pin the ransom letter to the panties. Leave them where you know he will find them. If your man is out of town, overnight them to him. If that's not feasible, take a picture of you wearing them showing only the crotch and text or e-mail it to him along with your note. *There are many ways to do this so do what's best for you. 
The note can say something silly like: Now that I have your attention, the first thing I want is (enter your request) If you don't comply, you will not be seeing my vajay-jay for Valentines day. You have until (give a time) to fulfill my request. As a show of good faith, I have included a little token from your Kitty. LOL

Rule# 3.  Repeat rule number 2 until Valentines day. The goal of all of this will be to build up the suspense. This is supposed to be fun but also sexy and romantic, Think of things he can do to turn you on and vice versa. For example, once you get your nails done, show him it was worth paying the ransom by racking them against his chest and back. Or how about along his scalp....ENTICE him, make him want the your Kitty but don't give it to him...until Valentines Day!. 

Each day think of something creative to give to him as "proof of life".  For example: Get a lollipop,  pleasure yourself with it for a bit then take a picture with it rubbing against your clit.  Make it look as wet as possible, men are visual!! Re-wrap the lollipop and give it to him along with another note. Send him him the picture of the Lollipop so he will know that when he tastes it, he is tasting you!!! 

* If you want to do something a little more toned down, put on your best lip stick and take a picture of you licking it. Send that to him with a sexy  note saying something like:My Kitty is begging to be licked right about now!!

By the time Valentines day comes around, he should be eager to have your Kitty back!  Make this a memoriable Valentines day for both of you! :)


  1. girl been there done that...i kidnapped myself and ransomed me back for cookies... NEXT

  2. LOL! Drea I LOVE it! Not for Cookies! LOL I can see one of my demands being a pack of Biscoff cookies and a tall glass of almond milk. LOL!