Wednesday, February 27, 2013

If you haven't been on the Beautiful Trouble Publishing site lately, you're in for a treat! The entire website has been redesigned and yes its off the chain fabulous! Go check it out and start making out your reading list. Pay day is two days away LOL!

Great new look, same sexy titles!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Authors to Watch: Gynger Fyer: The Romance Arsonist

Authors to Watch: Gynger Fyer: The Romance Arsonist: Today, we've got The Romance Arsonist here on Authors to Watch. Please welcome Gynger Fyer! Tricia : Tell us about yourself and why you ...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

              HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY 


                        GYNGER FYER

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Go Big or Stay home!!! It's nearly show time! you have to put your romantic game face on! As you may have guessed, I like elaborate things schemes, but, I know that's not for everyone so ladies, here is a fun and  romantic game to play with your mate.
Okay ladies, it's time you start ransoming your goodies to your man! Yes! I said RANSOM!!! (Yes, I know I'm over the top but this is not about me!! LOL) 

                       HOW TO RANSOM A KITTY:

Rule# 1. You need a ransom note.  Get creative! The Letter Playground offer great templates and ideas or just write it by hand. No need for a specific list of demands just yet. That will come in the next communication, however, the ransom  should be DRAMATIC!!  After all, it's not everyday that you take you own Vajay-jay hostage. :-D

EX: I've got your sweet little pussy. If you want to get it back by Valentines day, you will give me what I ask for. I will contact you via (enter method of communication) with more instructions. I would say text because nobody pays a ransom until they have "proof of life". You will be sending pictures or mementos of the hostage :) Make sure he can get your pics along with your demands.

Rule# 2. Now that you have his attention, show him you mean business! Lets start with our first demand! 
The things you ask for are specific to you and your partner. Everyone is different. You know what you want, what your mate can afford, and what he will or won't  be able to do. Below I have listed some items for your consideration. Remember you will need  him to give you at least three of your demands before you give him the hostage on Valentines day. 
  • Have him fix you lunch or cook dinner
  • Foot rub or massage
  • Have him to wash your hair
  • Cuddle 
  • Mani-Pedi
  • Movie date
  • Go out walking with you or whatever activity you have been wanting him to do with you but he never seems to have the time
Now that you know what you want, he needs to know that the hostage is alive and well. Get a pair of  sexy panties. Wear the panties around for and hour or so, just to get your scent on them. If that's too earthy for you, spray a thong or G string with your perfume or the fragrance you wear. Slip the panties along with your first ransom note to you partner. I say get a safety pin and pin the ransom letter to the panties. Leave them where you know he will find them. If your man is out of town, overnight them to him. If that's not feasible, take a picture of you wearing them showing only the crotch and text or e-mail it to him along with your note. *There are many ways to do this so do what's best for you. 
The note can say something silly like: Now that I have your attention, the first thing I want is (enter your request) If you don't comply, you will not be seeing my vajay-jay for Valentines day. You have until (give a time) to fulfill my request. As a show of good faith, I have included a little token from your Kitty. LOL

Rule# 3.  Repeat rule number 2 until Valentines day. The goal of all of this will be to build up the suspense. This is supposed to be fun but also sexy and romantic, Think of things he can do to turn you on and vice versa. For example, once you get your nails done, show him it was worth paying the ransom by racking them against his chest and back. Or how about along his scalp....ENTICE him, make him want the your Kitty but don't give it to him...until Valentines Day!. 

Each day think of something creative to give to him as "proof of life".  For example: Get a lollipop,  pleasure yourself with it for a bit then take a picture with it rubbing against your clit.  Make it look as wet as possible, men are visual!! Re-wrap the lollipop and give it to him along with another note. Send him him the picture of the Lollipop so he will know that when he tastes it, he is tasting you!!! 

* If you want to do something a little more toned down, put on your best lip stick and take a picture of you licking it. Send that to him with a sexy  note saying something like:My Kitty is begging to be licked right about now!!

By the time Valentines day comes around, he should be eager to have your Kitty back!  Make this a memoriable Valentines day for both of you! :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gynger Fyer~The Romance Arsonist

Tune in tonight as I co-host The Love Jones Experience with Goddyss Jones! 
Psychic Medium; Beckah Boyd will talk to us about "Awakening our Kundalini(Sexual Energy)"  That's need to know information! Especially if you've never done it before. All I ask is that you once unleashed, you use your Kundalini for good :)

The show starts tonight at 8:00pm EST! **YES, I know, I know... Scandal comes on at 8:00 tonight but, I that's what the DVR is for 
Goddyss Jones

We will teach you ladies some tricks for that special day. AND BEYOND.... 
 LOL. It's going to be hot!! I might even share some personal how a cherry LifeSaver really can be a LIFE SAVER!  ;)



Grow A Deeper Connection Use Your Senses

Yes, this might seem cheesy, overdone and simple but, I promise,  if you read my last post and are looking for the next level, my post today would be a great step in the right directions. Remember, you are trying to woo your partner leading up to Valentines day but, you are also learning sustainable romantic ideas which you will be able to use for the rest of your romantic life. You see, romance is like any kind of habit; the more you use it, the better you become. Think of this as romantic weight lifting.

Today my advice deals with the senses Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell and Hearing.
I've often heard it said that men are
visual creatures, well, I am willing to submit to you that there is more to men, and for that matter, women. I think each person has a sense combination that's all there own. some people may be more visual and touch oriented or have a keener sense of smell and taste.  Here is the mystery you need to solve: Find out which sense(s) your partner is more prone to and cater to it.
Let's take a few simple things you can give your partner which involves the senses:

THE TEST: Take your partner into a department store or a place  he or she has never been. Ask them what they like about the place or listen to how they describe the area

  • Do they comment on how well colors go together or how clean things were. Then they are probably relying more on the visual aspects of their senses.

    Flowers if they are visual
  • When you are out, does your partner touch items to feel the texture or comment on how soft or hard, cold or hot, something feels, do they enjoy holding hands or rubbing your back, then they probably rely on their sense of touch more.

    If they like touch, break out some oil and give them a nice massage or give them little touches when they are around
  • Does your partner have a refined pallet, does he or she, enjoy the taste of wine, beer, fruit juice or when you go out to eat, do they remark on the flavor of the foods? They probably us their sense of taste more. 

    Cook them a wonderfully flavorful meal. Something they rarely have. or take them out to dinner
  • Does your partner love your perfume or cologne  I know there are certain fragrances that get me aroused because it is so uniquely male! Does your mate enjoy the scent of flowers or scented candles ect? They probably rely on their sense of smell more.

    If smell is their thing, make sure you smell good, or that your home smells good. You want them to associate you with a pleasant smell whatever that might be for them. 
  • Finally, does your mate hate loud noises, do they shy away from noisy restaurants. Are they turned on by talking dirty or whispers in their ear? They are probably more auditory. 

Have music playing when they come home or come to your house. Talk to them closely 

I hope by learning even more about your partner, you are able to strengthen your connection with them. Yes, it takes practice and you have to be aware of your partners reaction to their surroundings, but once you know their strongest senses, you won't have any problems know what to do to please them.

Monday, February 4, 2013

It's time for some mind sex...

Dead Prez had a song many, many, moons ago called Mind Sex, It actually was and is one of my favorite songs to this day. Here are some of the lyrics....

It's time for some mind sex, we ain't got to take our clothes off yet 
We can burn the incense, and just chat 
Relax, I got the good vibrations 
Before we make love let's have a good conversation 

 The entire song was about this guy practicing intimacy with this young lady he was dating, instead of the usual, wham, bam, thank you ma'am. It sometimes seems as if sex is the primary focus of our relationships. It's as if we have lost the art and skill of actually relating to our partners or potential partner. Don't get me wrong, love making is a part of any healthy relationship. However, it should not be the primary focus of a long term, sustainable relationship. In my opinion, we should constantly be getting to know your partner. You might say, Gynger, I have been with this person for (fill in ridiculous amount of years); I know my mate. Okay, you knew them when you were in love and took the time to know them, but what about now?  Are you the same person you were five years ago? Do you have the exact same interests? Do you handle situations the same way you did two years ago... the answer for me is no.People change and as they change, we have to re-learn them or else we will constantly think of them based on how they used to be. That relearning is the foundation for Intimacy.

So, how can you bring back intimacy with your partner or how can you foster intimacy in your relationship?

Try doing things together(outside the bed room): I love cooking so making a meal with my mate would be a good time for me to chat him up. *Did you know men were more pron to chatting when their hands are busy? If they are involved in a task which requires action, that is the best time to talk to them. So go sit outside with him when he's fixing on the car and pass him the tools, while you're at it, have a conversation with him.

Talk face to face: There is nothing like seeing your partners face. We text and e-mail so much now, it's as if the art of talking in person is under attack. There is nothing like being in front of a person when you talk; for one thing, nothing is implied, you don't have to read into what they are saying. By hearing the words and emotions in their voice, you know if they are please, upset, contemplative or just exercising their dry wit.  Secondly, you can see their body language do they have an open poster or are they on the defense.  These kinds of cues are crucial to preventing misunderstandings. If your sweetie is far away, try using Skype or other chat features to see them in real time. Send your partner an intimacy quiz via e-mail and take it while you are chatting with each other or,  A really good one is but there are tons online to choose from. Find one designed to get the information you and your partner need to go to the next level.

Tell them how wonderful they are: Do you love your partners eyes or his/her voice. TELL them that. How often do you compliment your significant other? When we start dating, we want them to know what we like about them, how special they are to use, that we appreciate them and are attracted to them. That's a part of intimacy! That shouldn't die the moment you say I DO or the moment you reach your first or third or tenth year in a relationship. People desire positive affirmations. It's make them feel good so why not give them that information. Strengthen your partner and you will strengthen your relationship. I never understand why people would want to tear down their own house. That's what people do when why complain about, disparage, or neglect their mate. I like to live in a well cared for house so I am going to build my mate up.

Go have some mind sex  with your just might be able to parlay that into some real sex :)