Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guest blog with my favorite adult film star Michael Stefano!!

Michael Stefano Bio Pic 1

I have a very special blog today. Do you know the hot guy in this picture. If you said yes, then you are probably thinking of some of his ultra HOT work right about now LOL. If you don't know this guy, you should, and you will after reading this blog.
    The guy in question is none other than former adult film star, now videographer, producer and director (Yes he does it all) Michael Stefano!!! 
    To say I am a fan of Michael and his work is like asking me if the Pope is Catholic. I stumbled upon his work years ago and was impressed by the quality of the films as well as the chemistry he had with his co-stars. He seemed to foster a sense of intimacy in his adult films by kissing and joking around, which makes it enjoyable for me, a female viewer. Yes, I know, most adult films are made by men for men, yet you would be surprised at the number of women who enjoy adult films. As a writer of romance and erotica, Michael's films have helped me get in the mood to write a few hot and steamy scenes in my stories. I especially love his IR(interracial) work which is featured prominently on his website. 
    I became friends with Michael  a little while ago and have made a few observations, 
  1. He loves SEX and he loves his work
  2. He works hard
  3. He is very open and honest and is a get to the point kinda guy. 
I like that about him.Although he no longer performs, he still remains dedicated to the profession; working behind the scenes producing and directing high quality adult films. I admire Michael as a person and a professional because he is serious about his craft. Every time we chat, he's working either in LA or in some exotic country. I honestly don't know if this Italian Stallion even sleeps! LOL At any rate, I am grateful that the took time out of his super busy schedule to do my blog. So, without further adieu, herrrrrrreeeeeesssss MICHAEL!!

  •     So, Michael for those who may not not be familiar with  your nor your work in the adult film industry, tell them about yourself: who are you and how did you start in adult films?I am Michael Stefano, born on 19 August 1969, I am an Italian - American. I had couple of jobs, but since I love sex, I had some connections through them I joined Adult Industry.

  • From starring in movies to producing them you really have done it all in the Adult Industry. Do you find it better being the lead in an adult film or the producer and why?Being a Producer... it's more challenging.

  •  The adult file business has many challenges as you well know, what's one of the major challenges in  your professional opinion? Porn is still taboo for many societies.
          I agree, even though we seem more comfortable with nudity and sex, porn is still taboo. I personally think of porn as a tool in my sexual health tool box. It's something you can enjoy by yourself or with a partner. We see a lot more sex in films and on TV which to me is just low grade porn, yet adult films tend to be frowned upon in general.

  • So tell me Michael, what do you do when you’re not producing films?I hang out with friends, or Sports.

  • I've seen a ton of your films and have my personal favorites, but, I want to know which of your films is your favorite and why? I love to fuck, I love all my movies, I prefer Tease Me Then Please Me.

LOL,  Some how I knew you would bring up your love of sex!! I actually saw Tease Me, Then Please Me and I can see why it's your favorite. It's super hot. I love the kissing among the other things you do with your mouth ;) ...and other parts LOL.

  • Okay, if I rode shot gun with you, what would an average day in your life consist of? Well, Of course work, then playing some sports and then friend visits. 

  • When creating your films, where do you get your inspiration from and what motivates you? I love sex, I love to try new things and  I love to take up challenges, they are motivating.

  • If you could do it all over again, would you choose the adult film profession or is there something else you have a passion for? I love to fuck, I would still choose to be an Adult Film Star, and fuck as many women as possible.
LOL Looks like you've found your dream job then! 

  • Okay my final question, as an Italian, what’s your favorite Italian dish? Pasta

take it like that
Do you know how many types of pasta there is?? LOL
take it in general
How about an Italian dish??
it is Italian
LOL OK Michael!! Ur so crazy

  • Since you have to be difficult on the Pasta question, how long does it take you to come? 
1 hour
SHIT!!! Good lord man! An HOUR??? That's a long time

when I start my career I used to cum in 10 minutes but, experience increased it.
You sure got a lot of experience to go from 10 minutes to an hour!!! Well Michael, thank you for taking the time to do my blog!

I hope you found my guest spot with Michael both insightful and entertaining. If you are interested in learning more about Michael or his work, he has an amazing website which caters to all tastes.

                                                  (YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER)