Saturday, December 22, 2012

Are you ready for a female Santa?? Buy my latest novella and see how hot it is to be frosty

What if Santa Claus were a woman??? I explore the origins of this idea in my new story; Frosty Pleasures. I gotta say, out of all of my books, this is my baby, this is my favorite. It's contemporary fantasy, which is a first for me. Check it out, you will never look at a snow flake or icicle the same way again! 

~Gynger Fyer
The Romance Arsonist


When Santa Claus meets an untimely demise, Viking King Alrekr Frost—who’s in charge of winter—is asked to help find the remaining Krengel heir to take his place. The only thing he didn't bargain for was that heir being a woman! Not just any woman, but a beautiful woman with a frosty magic all her own. 

Kristina Krengel just found out she’s the last heir to the Krengel kingdom. The Krengel clan is supposed to keep Christmas on time and in harmony with the natural order of holidays and seasons. Kristina has always hid her magic. Her sometimes uncontrollable magic has left her a near recluse; after all, not many women can freeze water with their bare hands. Her love life is frozen as well; what man can make love to a woman whose body temperature gets below freezing? Alrekr proves he’s more than up for that challenge! 

Take a walk on the immortal side as Kristina becomes Santa and falls in love in the process.