Monday, January 7, 2013

Falling in love

I woke up this morning thinking about falling in love. Wondering, why does it have to be a fall? Why does it have to be laid out like a hole in the ground that we don't see until we are in it. Does that make it more passionate; more authentic than meeting someone you have similar interest with and slowly building that foundation of sustainable love. Sure, saying " I built love with him" is not romantic in the least or " I came to love him," does seem lackluster, as if going out and buying a good pair of sturdy shoes. LOL!

As the self titled Romance Arsonist, I want romance and falling in love to evoke feelings of a dynamic passion; that burns and smolders and remains red hot but, as a writer, I want my characters to have a foundation that will last; not built on instant attraction, which can be fleeting.

So, my question to myself was, how can I get the heat that I want, with the common sense that I want to see in the characters I read about. Mary Balogh is great at this and has always been one of my favorite authors to read, granted she writes full length historical romance novels and I am writing romantic and erotic novellas at the moment.Writing longer stories could be one way to get what I want, however, there is a challenge in writing a novella that does the same thing. I want my readers to come away from my novellas feeling as if they had just read a hundred or more pages about my characters and believe in the love I have created, even though it's only forty five pages long. That's the trick, that's the balancing act.

Falling in love should be fast, when we fall, gravity pulls at us and we experience a rapid descent, right?  Think about the last time you fell, did you have control? No, I doubt it. Were you left a bit shaken? Probably. I bet your heart was pumping a mile a minute, even thought the fall took mere seconds it probably seemed like a life time. That's what falling in love means to me, it's not that unexpected fall, it's the exhilaration as you descend into the hole, not knowing if you will be okay or if you will break something, namely your heart, at the end of your fall. Yes! that's what I will write about. The descent into love. Of course, I'll add a bit of Fyer along the way!

Are you ready for the fall?

~Gynger Fyer
The Romance Arsonist