Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grow A Deeper Connection Use Your Senses

Yes, this might seem cheesy, overdone and simple but, I promise,  if you read my last post and are looking for the next level, my post today would be a great step in the right directions. Remember, you are trying to woo your partner leading up to Valentines day but, you are also learning sustainable romantic ideas which you will be able to use for the rest of your romantic life. You see, romance is like any kind of habit; the more you use it, the better you become. Think of this as romantic weight lifting.

Today my advice deals with the senses Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell and Hearing.
I've often heard it said that men are
visual creatures, well, I am willing to submit to you that there is more to men, and for that matter, women. I think each person has a sense combination that's all there own. some people may be more visual and touch oriented or have a keener sense of smell and taste.  Here is the mystery you need to solve: Find out which sense(s) your partner is more prone to and cater to it.
Let's take a few simple things you can give your partner which involves the senses:

THE TEST: Take your partner into a department store or a place  he or she has never been. Ask them what they like about the place or listen to how they describe the area

  • Do they comment on how well colors go together or how clean things were. Then they are probably relying more on the visual aspects of their senses.

    Flowers if they are visual
  • When you are out, does your partner touch items to feel the texture or comment on how soft or hard, cold or hot, something feels, do they enjoy holding hands or rubbing your back, then they probably rely on their sense of touch more.

    If they like touch, break out some oil and give them a nice massage or give them little touches when they are around
  • Does your partner have a refined pallet, does he or she, enjoy the taste of wine, beer, fruit juice or when you go out to eat, do they remark on the flavor of the foods? They probably us their sense of taste more. 

    Cook them a wonderfully flavorful meal. Something they rarely have. or take them out to dinner
  • Does your partner love your perfume or cologne  I know there are certain fragrances that get me aroused because it is so uniquely male! Does your mate enjoy the scent of flowers or scented candles ect? They probably rely on their sense of smell more.

    If smell is their thing, make sure you smell good, or that your home smells good. You want them to associate you with a pleasant smell whatever that might be for them. 
  • Finally, does your mate hate loud noises, do they shy away from noisy restaurants. Are they turned on by talking dirty or whispers in their ear? They are probably more auditory. 

Have music playing when they come home or come to your house. Talk to them closely 

I hope by learning even more about your partner, you are able to strengthen your connection with them. Yes, it takes practice and you have to be aware of your partners reaction to their surroundings, but once you know their strongest senses, you won't have any problems know what to do to please them.