Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gynger Fyer gets interviewed by Stephanie Morris of the Café au Lait Book Club


Here is an excerpt from Red Light Special by Gynger Fyer

Bronte Montoya was cursed with lateness. She was late being born, late to start school, late to her prom, late to her wedding, and from the looks of it, she was going to be late to her divorce.

Roman Ernesto Montoya looked at his expensive watch. He was going to be late. The elevator was nearly full and would likely stop at every floor on the way up. When a guy carrying a bunch of shiny, silver-backed balloons hopped on, his mood darkened. This month used to be a special time for him and his wife…used to be. So far she had refused all the flowers he’d sent to her and turned down nearly all his calls and invitations to meet. They’d only spoken twice in two months.

The elevator bounced once and then stopped. Ernesto waited a moment until he felt safe moving.

He could only partially see her face but he knew who she was. Her hair was totally different, parted down the center and falling in a cascade on both sides of a beautiful oval-shaped face, which had been his morning Renoir for the last ten years. He’d seen that face filled with joy when they’d gotten married, contorted in pain during the birth of their children, wrinkled in concern when he was feeling ill, and awash in ecstasy as he bought her to pleasure during their lovemaking.

Hanging up, Ernesto looked over to Bronte whose body was silhouetted by the glow from the buttons. It was amazing how far away she seemed even in the tiny elevator. He’d done that to them, all in the name of protecting what he now realized didn’t really matter. If he lost his family in the process… If he lost Bronte…
You are not going to lose her. All this will be over, today. Then the hard part begins, he assured himself.

“So, what do we do now?” Her voice was clipped as she crossed her arms over her chest and looked forward.

Ernesto could see her stiffened spine in the soft lighting. It was then that he fully noticed all her changes. Gone were the soft, feminine pant suits, and comfortably low heels. In their place was living breathing sexiness. To his dismay, Bronte had lost a good bit of weight since he’d last seen her. He’d always rejoiced at her curves, loving the slightly protruding flesh of her belly and her curvy hips, which led into thick thighs. Her breasts were small and flat, more nipple than anything else. Bronte hated her breasts, always wanting them to be bigger, fuller. Ernesto preferred them the way they were. He loved the way her nipples jutted out, so prominent and bold. Perfect for his tongue to flick and suckle, perfect for him. Bronte was the quintessential pear shape and he relished sinking his teeth into her juicy goodness. The thought of tasting her lips and sucking her large nipples, which were nearly obsidian against her dark brown skin, had his mouth watering and his cock stiffening.

Question: What makes this book one of your favorites?

Gynger: This is my first ebook where the hero is non-white. That’s not to say that Ernesto is different from other men entirely, but there are some subtle differences.  Also, our heroine Bronte; is Afro Brazilian. I wanted to do something different here because there truly are women of African heritage all over the world. As a black, American author, my automatic default is to write about black American women because it’s what I know best. I think it’s important in our global society that authors of interracial romance start writing stories which depict women of African heritage from around the globe because they’re also our readers. There are certain cultural differences which they may be able to identify with as opposed to the standard American ideal of what a black woman is, and how a black woman operates. Our skin may be the same but African, Caribbean and Latin women have vastly different experiences to draw from. As a writer that’s both challenging on the one hand and frustrating on the other.  It’s challenging because most authors, me included, thrive on being creative and really getting into the head of our character which is difficult if that’s not your culture. It’s also frustrating because you do have to do your research and pray that all of the sources you chose were sound. In this story Bronte is obviously Catholic, although it was not a central part of the book; it was one of those nuances which I feel had to be added because it is a big part of Afro Brazilian culture. As you can see, a lot of thought went into my characters and they are unique from the others I’ve written. That’s what makes this book one of my favorites.

Question: Who published it? When?

Gynger: This ebook was published by the wonderful women at Beautiful Trouble Publishing on April 5th, 2013.

Question: Tell us a little about what you went through to get it published.

Gynger: This story was a first in many ways, first non-white lead, first story told in one space (elevator), new editor etc.  I had toyed with this story several times. I wanted to write a story about a soon to be divorced couple being trapped in an elevator the entire story, but it never came together for me. There was a story challenge surrounding candle scents and I got volun-told that I would be in it LOL!!! I started thinking of all the times a person would use candles but wanted it to be unique. The candle theme seemed perfect for this couple trapped in an elevator. After it was done, I submitted it but I was assigned to an editor I’d never worked with before. Since my last four books had been edited by the same person and we had our “method” it was a challenge for me to work with a different person, That’s not to say that it was a bad experience, it’s just that different editors look at different things and offer different suggestions etc. This book took way longer to edit than my others ebooks, which took a bit of wind out of my sails. I like to say that delivering this baby was a bit rougher than my others but once it was all said and done, I am very satisfied with the finished product and I think the readers will love it as much as the rest of my babies LOL J

Question: Who are the hero(s) and heroine(s) in this book? Sum the heroine and hero up in one word.

Gynger: Roman Ernesto Montoya is the hero and the one word to describe him is: Accused
Bronte Montoya is the heroine and the one word to describe her is: Conflicted

Question: What’s your favorite scene in this book? Why? My favorite scene in the book is when

Gynger: Bronte starts calling her husband Ernesto. From the start she was using his formal first name: Roman because Ernesto is the man she was in love with but she felt betrayed so it was as if the man she loved was no more. Ernesto understood why she’d started being formal with him and he hated it but it was as if he had to earn his title back. It was like earning trust after it’s lost. When she called him Ernesto, it was like sunlight breaking through the clouds, you could see that everything was going to be alright. I guess that’s why I loved this story. Just when you think it’s over…you get that ray of hope and you see that it’s just beginning.

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