Sunday, June 30, 2013

2013 Beautiful Trouble Publishing Meet & Greet

As you know, yesterday was the 2nd annual Beautiful Trouble Publishing Meet and Greet. Fantastic, amazing, and spectacular do not even come close to describing the actual event. If you were following my facebook ,you got to experience some of the "Royal Treatment" the readers & authors we're privileged to receive, but I just wanted to give you a rundown of the event as only The Romance Arsonist could!!
The event started just after 8:30am. Each guest was announced and greeted by the King and Queen of Hearts(Editor: Barb Wilson and hubby).
Each guest was given her very own crown and swag bag. They went down the line picking up all kinds of awesome freebies just for them. After their bags were full of treats, they were personally welcomed by each of the BTP authors. We were lined up wearing our own Tiaras and shook hands or, in most cases, hugged each guest, because they were just like family.

Throughout the day we had various panel discussions with wonderfully talented authors: Erosa Knowles, Roslyn Hardy Holcomb, Janet Ekford, Sienna Minx, Yvette Hines, Kassanna Dwight, Lisa G. Riley, Billy London, Reana Malori, Violette Dubrinsky, Naomi Jones, Elle Hays, Serenity King, Raelynn Blue, Nikki Winter, Jayha Leigh, Jeanie Johnson, and of course yours truly: Gynger Fyer, The Romance Arsonist!!!
In between each panel, we had "ear-gasms," where several authors read a HOT passage from one of their books! :) I read a passage from my book THE BUCKET LIST and lets just say it was well received! LOL!!
Lunch was great!  I had the roast beef, creamy orzo in a cheezy garlic and chive sauce, string beans, salad and strawberry shortcake for dessert. The food was fresh and delicious. There was even a glass of sweet tea already waiting for me in my spot! Ya'll know how much I like my sweet tea :)
After lunch we had more panels and ear-gasms. Each author also had their own tables were readers could buy their books and meet with them personally. We were blessed to have lots of free books and gifts to give out from other publishers like Changling Press, and authors who could not be there like Drea Riley, Don Abdul and J.J. Murray.
The entire event culminated in a renewal of wedding vows by the King and Queen of Hearts!!! Officiating was our very own Jayha Leigh!! Yep! She's licensed to wed and there wern't any shot guns required. LOL!!!! Yes, I cried as Barb and the "Big Guy" pledged their continued love and support for each other. Awwww it was soooo beautiful. Barb had earlier announced that she had opened her own publishing house where they would not only publish books, but offer a-la-cart services to self published writers.  Looks like the "Grammar Mercenary" as I like to call her will have a busy year!
Well, that's it. I wore my killer purple dress and heels all day. So as I write this, I'm resting my feet which were killing me by the end of the day. Kassanna told me to take them off but I thought I could handle it (WRONG). LOL  I met Sienna, Violette, Yvette,  Di Topaz, Naomi, and Erosa along with Erosa's daughter and two wonderful  friends of the BTP family for drinks and dinner. We had a wonderfully enlightened and creative conversation and bonded like old friends.
I woke up this morning happily exhausted! LOL so I plan to take it easy for the rest of today. One thing is for sure,I will never, ever, forget this awesome, life changing convention.  The fans are wonderful!!
Conventions like these are the perfect place for people to gather and meet others who share their same passion for reading interracial/multi-cultural romance novels. It really is like the petfect vacation. They're held in  different cities each year and you get completly spoiled by the writers and publishers. We even had a masseuse doing free chair massages!!! 
If you've never been to one of these conventions, I encourage you to attend. Last year, I attended as a fan; this year I attended as a published author. I can attest that these events can be life changing. I've always written stories but, it was the encouragement I received at last years event which gave me the courage to submit my first book: The Bucket List. It is a moment which has literaly changed the course of my life and I am forever greatful!