Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Match ya panties with ya bras, get ya shit together"

                                  "Match ya panties with ya bras, get ya shit together"- T.I. 
 Yes T.I. said it and so will I, ladies AND gents, don't come half assed to the Valentines love fest. You are trying to entice and woo your partner and that means making a strong showing. No, granny panties! and toss that bra that used to look cute two years ago when it still had the under-wire in it. 

For the guys, unless you go commando, no drawers with holes in them. I don't care how comfy they fit. If you are a boxers kinda guy, try switching it up with some sexy boxer briefs. Why do you think women still lust after Mark Wahlberg, it was how smokin he looked in those boxer briefs! or try some cute boxers. A good foundation could mean the difference between a hot night of mind blowing sex or business as usual.

And guess what people, it doesn't have to cost a fortune. It just has to look good. One of the awesome things about Valentines is that they have a ton of cute themed lingerie to spice up any lukewarm romance. 

The next question I get is, well that looks good on her or him because they are models. You don't have to look like a model to rock sexy under wear. Look at this classy piece I peeped at Lane Bryant over the weekend.


Go on out and get you a few new things to surprise your mate or, if you're single, get something sexy that you would never buy for yourself. Even if you are just wearing it beneath your normal clothes, your will know it's there and I bet you will walk with a little more pep in your step. For the couples, if you still "love the one you're with," dress it up. Not only will you feel sexier, but your partner will LOVE the effort you put into your appearance. After all, romance is mental just as much as it is physical and it's all about the show!

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