Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So you wanna be startin sumtin! Pre-Valentines Tip #1

Did you know there was power in touch? Well, there it. So much so that touching yourself (*wink) or others has been known to heal, relax, reduce stress and give you and your partner a sense of well being.
There fore, my fist Pre-Valentines tip of the day is TOUCH!!

For couples, I suggest you start off with small gestures, especially if you or your partner are not used to touching each other intimately. When they walk by rub their arm or if they are standing still, give them a hug and a rub, on the back that is. A little touch here and there will get YOU everywhere!!!! for those of you who are used to touching. give your partner a foot rub but here's the thing. Be conscious about it. Ask them if you can give them a foot rub or how about a back rub or massage. Your partner will be putty in your hands after all is said and done.

Now for the sexy singles out there, when was the last time you took a bath LOL! Did you know touching yourself is as important as receiving touch. Try taking a bath instead of a shower and really focus on how your skin feels beneath your hands, connect with it. When you get out, massage some baby oil or lotion into your skin; don't just slap it on trying to get it done! make love to your skin, and don't look for perfection, or point out flaws. I did this and noticed tiny birth marks in places I had totally forgotten about. Those marks are unique and make me who I am. I loved seeing them and connecting with my skin again. Also, give yourself a scalp massage, really focus on your hair and skin. If you have the resources, go to a spa and have someone else touch you :) don't get arrested at a truck stop LOL! Groupon and Living Social have discounts on massages all the time so use them.

Want to know more about touch and how to do it the right way, check out this link. There are some great ideas and suggestions.

Alright already, less talking, more touching,

The Romance Arsonist